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Breaking News: January 20, 2015....

The Putter Group is very pleased to acknowledge its associate, Geoff Mangum, for his participation in the Olympic program for China.

Since 2014, Geoff Mangum has been the featured putting instructor to the Shichahai Sports School in Beijing, China. This elite facility is for the training of top Olympic athletes in their respective sports, which includes golf. Twice yearly, Geoff visits China to train the coaches and students that participate in the Shichahai program, as well as teaching other players and coaches from throughout China. He is currently authoring a text on putting skills that is directed at Chinese golfers.

October 10, 2014....

The Putter Group will be kicking off its Reg.D, 506(c) funding effort at the FSXinterlinked Conference, to be held October 29th thru November 1st, at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain Resort, in Tucson, AZ.

Featured at the opening day Golf Tournament to be played on the famous Dove Mountain Golf Course, home of the Accenture Match Play Championship, will be an appearance by Geoff Mangum of The Putter Group. Geoff will make a pre-event presentation to the attendees on the finer points of the "Art of Putting." Geoff will also be available during the day to offer individualized putting tips.

Over the years, Geoff Mangum has developed a very large following. Geoff has received millions of contacts on his various web sites, mainly, and his interactive social media sites and forums. His knowledge and expertise has allowed him to create 23 Putting Clinics in 21 countries around the world. These clinics are currently staffed with 175 instructors trained in his methods.

The Company

The Putter Group is a start-up venture with the goal of creating, manufacturing, assembling and distributing newly designed golf putters on a worldwide basis. The Company has merged the talents of professionals who are considered experts in their respective fields in order to perform these, as well as other functions, including the sales and marketing of the company’s products, and financial, accounting, and reporting functions.

Initially, the Company will collaborate with Geoff Mangum, a highly respected theorist and golf putting instructor, to develop, manufacture, market and sell the “Geoff Mangum Signature” series of putters. The Company will also re-introduce the popular Q-Roll line of putters ( that feature patented Radius Face Technology™ (RFT™).

Geoff Mangum Signature

Geoff Mangum has extensive knowledge of the mechanics of putting, the thought and physical components associated with making a good putting stroke, alignment concepts, analysis and instruction, and perhaps most important of all, what a golfer is looking for in a putter design that will give him/her the sense of confidence that they will “sink the putt.”

Geoff Mangum Geoff not only has a large presence on the internet, but he has also put together an international network of putter instruction academies. Currently, there are 23 PuttingZone academies located in 21 countries with 175 certified putting instructors. He has instructed all levels of golfers, from starter clinics through High School and College, and onto the various Professional Tours such as the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours. His successes have been well documented and are available for review on his web site

Geoff Mangum has studied physics, materials science, product design, perception neuroscience, movement neuroscience, ergonomics and motor sports skills development in addition to putter design. Applying this extensive knowledge to the design issues in putter design, he has created numerous first-ever innovations for putter designs.

Among Geoff’s many innovations are:
  • The visual principles of putter design (shape, color and marking) that enhance innate neurological processes for spatial awareness and target aiming accuracy

  • Ergonomic principles for putter fitting that begin with the shape, masses, sizes, proportionality, strength, sensitivity and body angles of real golfers by demographic profiles, which offer golfers better putting skills and putters that fit with the improved postures and movements of specific individuals for loft, lie, length, grip/handle, putter head mass, putter head shape and marking and color, overall putter mass, putter balancing, and other design features tuned to specific golfers and sound putting postures and movements

  • Improved moment of inertia patterns that combine synergistically with putter head shapes, hoseling and masses for improved performance

  • Variable weighting and weight distribution systems in the putter head design

  • Variable back, or counter-weighting systems for improved strokes and stroke control vibrations, inertial properties and balance

  • A scheme based upon cultural, neurological and psychological patterns for matching putter color patterns to innate individual golfer personality and perceptual styles and modes to enhance putter desirability, enjoyment and performance

  • Integration of putter design with putting skills teaching, learning technologies and protocols.
The “Geoff Mangum Signature” series of putters will be designed strictly with acceptance by the golfer in mind. New methods, materials, and concepts will be incorporated into the design of the putters, and they will be put to “people testing” the proposed designs in order to assure success. Sales of the “Geoff Mangum Signature” series of putters will be accompanied by automatic membership enrollment in online teaching technologies, green-grass clinics and lesson opportunities, and a putting skills DVD to accompany each putter.

Geoff Mangum will also develop and utilize PuttingZone media products, and platforms for Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), in developing and maintaining relationships with golfers, product purchasers, product sales and marketing personnel, and PuttingZone community members, smart phone applications, online expert teaching systems, and online educational and training platforms. The exclusive, innovative media technologies will necessarily enhance product sales and brand development and market share acquisition.

Q-Roll Classics

Q-Roll Classics™ Putters... Considering the demands of modern greens, we went back in history in order to make a strong present-day statement with the Q-Roll Classics Collection. We chose four of the most popular and familiar putter designs of the past, and improved their performance by replacing their skid-producing lofted faces with our roll-producing patented Radius Face Technology™ (RFT™). The Difference is in The Roll™. Each Q-Roll Classic putter is milled from a high-quality brass/nickel alloy, with the finish preserved for long lasting eye appeal.

Q-Roll Classic IFW putter
 click to enlarge

Classic I fw

Forward press hosel, perimeter weighted.
Q-Roll Classic III putter
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Classic III

Face-balanced mallet with perimeter weighting.
Q-Roll Classic IV putter
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Classic IV

Face-balanced mallet with double-bend shaft.

A Golfing Magazine's PGA “Best of Show” Award winner

Q-Roll Classic VI putter
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Classic VI

Heel shaft with flange blade.

Q-Roll Classic models III and IV feature double-bend shafts and are face-balanced. Models 1FW and VI feature straight shafts. All models are available in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches. Two Classics models, the Classic 1FW and Classic III are also available in left hand versions. All Classic putters feature Winn AVS grips that promote a confident and smooth stroke through their unparalleled feel.

Radius Face Technology™

Q-Roll Golf, Inc. developed and patented a unique technology called Radius Face Technology™ (RFT™). RFT ensures that the face of the putter, on impact, will impart immediate top-spin to the golf ball, thereby taking the need to “hit up” on the golf ball with the putting stroke out of the equation. This technology dramatically improves control and accuracy and allows average golfers to putt like pros.
Q-Roll Golf Classic IV Putter
Certified robotic testing by Swing Dynamics, a leading golf club test facility, showed that this technology exceeded all other competitors’ performance. And in 2007, Golfing Magazine gave a Radius Face Technology line of precision putters the prestigious “Best of Show” Award for the 2007 PGA National Merchandise Show.

Putters using Radius Face Technology (RFT) are designed to make contact above the equator of a golf ball, thereby imparting immediate topspin, and tracking the ball to the hole with improved control and accuracy. These putters automatically deliver a “roll” that leading Tour Professionals practice years to achieve.

Putters with RFT technology will benefit any golfer at any skill level. Every golfer who uses this technology can now “put a roll” on the golf ball that is at least equal to that achieved by the best professional golfers, and even better than the vast majority of that group. An amateur golfer, regardless of handicap, can now apply a superior roll to the golf ball simply by putting an RFT putter “in play.” Neither practice nor knowledge of the intricacies of putting is required.

Radius Face Technology has received praise from golf publications and websites.
  • Radius Face Technology received the prestigious “Best of Show” Award from Golfing Magazine during the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show.

  • Radius Face Technology received the “Players’ Choice Award” for Distance Control from PubLinks Golfer Magazine (now Golfing Magazine) in consecutive years.

  • Radius Face Technology has been the subject of numerous editorials, some full page stories that relate to advances in putter technology.

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